When my oldest started having friend birthday parties I bought him a piñata. Those things are crazy expensive cardboard. After that I decided to try to make my own. YouTube offered a few tutorials, and tips. Here is my experience.
Step 1. Cover area with paper, or just wing it like I did. I wasn't too worried about getting it on my craft table.
Step 2. Blow up balloon as big as you want.
Step 3. Mix water(1 cup) and flour(2 cups)
Step 4. Cut strips of newspaper, or in our case thrifty nickel ads. :) The size is not important. You can cut perfect strips, but it won't matter.
Step 5. Let each later dry. Not completely, but a little.
Step 6. Cover the balloon at least 3-4 times with paper.
Step 7. Once done covering balloon with paper, let it dry overnight.
Step 8. Pop balloon and carefully pull away from the sides. You should just come right out.
Step 9. Decorate your piñata. I used streamers and a glue stick.
Step 10. I lined the piñata with the streamer, and then cut uneven strips to make it fray.
Step 11. Bask in your awesomeness! I printed off the Hot Wheels label, and tied a bunch of streamers together and hot glued them to the bottom. It was a big hit.

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