Scrapbook paper wall art

If you are anything like me you get bored with your wall decor ever now and then. I love scrapbook paper. Ever since switching to digital scrapbook I have no use for real scrapbook paper. Which is unfortunate because there are some really cute papers. This is a great solution for that problem. And you will all love it because it is super cheap to make. I found the frames at the dollar store, and added some cute paper. Done. That easy. It can be switched out all the time, and matches the colors in whatever room you put them in. 
This is in the hallway leading to my room. You can't really tell from the picture but the tree paper is a sage green, and the paper on the other end is dark brown. I cut the vinyl and put it right on the wall, and then just put a frame over it. Very simple, elegant, and customizable.
These last two pictures are in my half bathroom. The whole bathroom is black and sage green. I could never find the right decor for it, so I made it myself.

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Maggie said...

Brilliant. I will be doing this.