Burp cloths

This is one of the crafts that I have been super excited to show you.When I first starting having kids I was given the jellybean shaped burp cloths. I love them. So much cuter than the plain white cloth diapers. When I had my little girl I found some really cute fabric and sent it to my sister to sew them for me, because lets be honest. . . I can barely sew a straight line. :) That being said, when I had my second little boy I wanted to try to make a more masculine looking burp cloth. I figured a rectangle was as simple as it was going to get.
Now depending on how many burp cloths you want to make is how much fabric you will end up needing. A 1/2 yard of each color(side) will give you 4 burp cloths. Depending on the size you choose to cut out.
Step one: Cut out fabric in a rectangle.
Step two: Take one of the sides from one color, and one of the sides from the other color line them up and pin them together with the fronts of the fabric touching.
Step three: Sew around the edge leaving a gap to be able to turn the burp cloth right side out.
Step four: Clip edges, this will give you a perfect corner when you turn the burp cloth right side out.
Step five: Turn right side out.
Step six: Iron. Make sure to fold in the gap that you left open.
Step seven: Find a decorative stitch, or not if that is not your cup of tea. Stitch around the edge making sure you get the gap tacked down.
Step eight: Bask in your awesomeness!
I love these burp cloths. I have made so many of these. They are great baby shower gifts, and so so easy to throw together.
The burp cloths below I made for the Festival of Trees. If you notice, the inside is not the same flannel material. . .it is terry cloth instead. That wonderful idea came from my little sister who made me some burp cloths like this. It is all preference. I feel like both types soak up dribbles, and fountains alike. The burp cloths with the terry cloth did turn out a bit thicker, so like I said it is all preference. I love the purple and white mix. So pretty.

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