Tutu making

Sorry for the break in posts. What a great holiday. I hope yours was just as wonderful. Now back to business.
I love making tutus. I made my first tutu 3 years ago for my little girl. I wanted to buy her one, but couldn't afford the boutique prices. That is when I turned to YouTube. The tutorial I found used ribbon instead of elastic, but I wanted something really durable. Tutus are seriously so easy. I made this tutu for my niece.
I started out by cutting multiple strips of tulle. I like to use the spools of tulle as opposed to the tulle by the yard. The length is completely up to you, as well as the colors.
Step one: Measure waist with elastic. You will want to make sure it is a snug fit. Once you add all the tulle the elastic will stretch out a little.
Step two: Sew elastic together. I used a zigzag stitch.
Step three: Stretch elastic over chair, this is just for ease of tying on the tulle.
Step four: Tie on tulle. I couldn't really get a picture of this step. Essentially you tie two knots. One knot like normal with the ends ending up horizontal. The second knot bring the ends up vertically instead of horizontally, this will make the tulle poof more.
Step five: Continue tying until all of the elastic is covered. Ta-da! You have a tutu!
I also made her a wand. I will post that tutorial soon.

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