Wood cutouts

I struggle with what to put above my cupboards. I do not like a lot of clutter, and knick-knacks are not my thing. So when I found these letters I thought I would give them a shot.
I started by placing the 'O' face down on a piece of scrapbook paper, traced it, and then cut it out. Next I sanded the wood letters just to rub off any rough edges. Then I painted every side except the front. I painted my brown(it just looks like a shadow.) Once the letters were completely dry. I painted the front part of the letters, except for the 'O'. While the letters were drying I added the paper to the 'O'. I sprayed it with adhesive, and then put the paper on the wood. Then I took my modge podge and covered it pretty well. Make sure to get the edges so that they don't peel up. then I went back to the other letters and painted over them with a crackle paint. Note: when you use the crackle paint only do one coat. Just trust me on this one. :) After everything was dry I added a few ribbons to the 'O' and wholla.. done. The plants I added a little later. I got them at Ikea. Such a great find, and only $6!!!

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