Pizza Factory Bread Twists

 Umm, are you serious? That was the exact thought I had when I saw this on Pinterest. I love these. I had to try it out right away. 
Here is the link to the recipe
Here is my verdict: Amazing!!!!!
I made the dough from scratch instead of using rhodes dough, I think it definitely made it taste more authentic. I made the whole batch, but ended up freezing half the dough. It was too much for one dinner. I didn't have rosemary so I just omitted it, and it wasn't really missed. I could see how it would make it that much better though. I used wooden dowels that I had in my craft stuff that I had never used. They needed to be seasoned with oil or something because once you got to the bread on the stick it smelled a lot like wood. :/ The dough is really sticky, but still pretty good to work with. The bread twists were a huge kit with the kids, and we will have them many more times I am sure.

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